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Adam Levine's acne

I have not been using the blog portion of because most of my thoughts have either been put into columns, summarized into tweets or stored away somewhere in my head, only to be found sometime in the future and tweeted (or thrown out). That said, can I turn on TV without seeing the Proactiv commercials with Adam Levine? Maybe it's because I only watch a couple of channels -- and maybe these channels are owned by Adam Levine -- but you know what? I get it: Adam Levine had acne. He still has acne, he says. But thanks to Proactiv, he doesn't have acne. Or maybe he does but it's just that nobody cares. And maybe nobody ever cared. In 2014, I hope to see this commercial less. In the meantime, I'll be looking for an 'e' for Proactiv.