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September 2009 Tweets

Continuing my trend from the other day, here are some of my tweets from September of 2009.  If you were asleep during all of that month, this is a way for you to catch up on life: - I wonder what Martians think about Mars bars... - I just saw a deer crossing where a deer crossing sign was... How appropriate... - I know that mice supposedly like cheese, but I very rarely see them eat pizza...  and only once have I seen a mouse eat a cheesesteak. - A compass is an amazing tool: you can use it to find your way home and to draw a perfect circle...  Crazy! - While getting my haircut, I made the mistake of engaging in conversation with the hairdresser.  Next time I should pretend to fall asleep... - Nothing is more intimidating than an old woman wearing sunglasses in the shade... - I am sick, so I am drinking orange juice... Now I am sick of orange juice. - When I play Bingo by myself, I almost always win... - Ah, NFL opening day...  Will Brett Favre make it through the da

Summer 2009 Tweets

When I joined Twitter in July of 2009, the only people using it were stalks of corn. I would tweet something and, if lucky, maybe a couple of people would tweet back. We were a close-knit community, me and the seven other people on Twitter. Now, 47,000 followers later, I realize that what I tweeted in the summer of 2009 ended up in a lost chamber of tweets. I am not saying that what I tweeted was particularly life-changing, but hey -- why not let these tweets re-surface, right? Thanks to requesting my archive from Twitter, I was able to look back at my earliest tweets, and I have compiled some of them below: July and August 2009... - I've never been a big fan of guacamole. When I mention that at social occasions, I always feel like such an outcast. - I'm not sure if I like orange juice from concentrate. It has too much thought put into it... - If dogs bark, shouldn't trees fur? - The US Postal Service delivers through rain, sleet and snow, but if your car i