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I wrote this on August 5, 2008, about the Summer Olympics.  I think most of it is still relevant. --- In just a few days, billions of people will be sitting on couches, pointing to their TV screens while eating potato chips and saying, "I could have been in this Olympics, you know, if I wanted to, like, train and stuff."  Remarkably, most Americans could be in the 100m dash, for example, if only they were five seconds faster at it.  That's right -- five seconds is all that separates an Olympian from an avid Connect Four player.  And then there is the opening ceremony that we are all anticipating, when -- for four hours -- we can watch people from different countries walk into the stadium, and we can point at them -- chips in hand, of course -- and say, "Wow, that's a pretty cool flag.  I really like that flag." Most of the headlines surrounding the American Olympic squad revolve around men's basketball, women's gymnastics, Michael Phelps