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If Lizzo wrote an essay about how she was feeling, it would look like this...

As an English and journalism teacher for 20 years, I have been asked a lot of questions. One inquiry is what music I listen to and, subsequently, what I think of today's music. Clearly my opinion about music matters to a great number of people, and I don't want to let anyone down. The other day, after hearing Lizzo's "Good As Hell," I began thinking about how this song would appear as an essay. So, I did what any English teacher would do: I wrote the lyrics as an essay. For the actual video of this song, click here . ESSAY QUESTION: How do you feel about yourself? How can your own experiences help others? Answer both questions in a short essay that includes self-reflection. Think about your own path in life so far before you begin to write. Good As Hell An Essay by Lizzo When I feel pride in my hair and display it to others, I like to ensure that my nails look good as well. I ask others around me if they are feeling as good as I am and then proclaim