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I am not actually correcting anything.   Occasionally, though, I like to cross things out.

Don't Say This On Day One

I recognize that some U.S. states began school a couple of weeks ago, but for those of us in the Northeast -- the states that follow the motto, "Yo, no school till after Labor Day" -- school has not yet begun.  I will be starting my 18th year teaching, so I know firsthand how much anticipation is involved with the first day of school: What should I wear?  Will people like me?  What if someone steals my lunch and eats it?  And those are just faculty concerns; for students, the list extends even further. I would like to help students nationwide when it comes to first day etiquette, more specifically what they should not say to their teachers on the first day of school: 1. "Can I just take a picture of everything you have on the board?" Translation: "Can I just take the easy way out right now, as well as for the rest of the year?" Granted, the process of putting pen to paper is a difficult one, ranking right up there with opening a bag of chips or i