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Progressive Revelations: A look back and a look ahead

I started writing "Progressive Revelations" at the start of 1998.  In terms of, like, the history of the world, that was yesterday.  But more realistically, that was a pretty long time ago.  I was a sophomore at Boston College then and my new editor position allowed me to essentially assign myself a humor column. So that's what I did. After the column ended in May of 2000, otherwise known as my graduation (seriously, that's how people refer to that time period), I re-started it at the start of 2001 in online form.  Although 2001 is not quite as long ago as, say, 1998, that was also a pretty long time ago.  So long ago, in fact, that I was one of the first humor columnists on this so-called Internet, when  blogs were virtually non-existent, albeit not actually non-existent. now sits as one of the longest-running humor column websites on the Internet. I never fully embraced the idea of blogs.  I was a columnist, not a blogger.  I create