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The court system fears me

For the first time in my jury duty career, my jury number was not required to attend.  The conclusion?  The system is clearly afraid of the changes I would like to make.  Either that or the changes are being instituted as I type this and it's all a big surprise... You can read about my proposed changes here:

I keep getting jury duty.

In 1999, I served jury duty for the first time.  As a Boston College student, I was obligated to serve in the state of Massachusetts, but that didn't fulfill my obligations for the state of New Jersey, so I served for the first time in NJ one year later.  Since that point, I have received "my civic obligation" every three years and have never been excused the night before like pretty much everyone else who calls the magical phone number.  Typically I am jury number 451 or so; I call the number that tells me everyone above number 450 needs to attend...  Thanks, numbers. This Thursday I have jury duty once again.  I have not written about the experience since 2003, but tonight I plan on writing about my plans for changing jury duty, which I am sure will have a lot of useful legal information, except not really. In the meantime, here are three columns about my jury duty experience, two of which I wrote in college: 1. In Massachusetts (as a college student): http://www.

Welcome to whatever this is.

Welcome to Much Smaller Revelations, a section of devoted to revelations that are bigger than tweets but shorter than columns.