I keep getting jury duty.

In 1999, I served jury duty for the first time.  As a Boston College student, I was obligated to serve in the state of Massachusetts, but that didn't fulfill my obligations for the state of New Jersey, so I served for the first time in NJ one year later.  Since that point, I have received "my civic obligation" every three years and have never been excused the night before like pretty much everyone else who calls the magical phone number.  Typically I am jury number 451 or so; I call the number that tells me everyone above number 450 needs to attend...  Thanks, numbers.

This Thursday I have jury duty once again.  I have not written about the experience since 2003, but tonight I plan on writing about my plans for changing jury duty, which I am sure will have a lot of useful legal information, except not really.

In the meantime, here are three columns about my jury duty experience, two of which I wrote in college:

1. In Massachusetts (as a college student): http://www.progressiverevelations.com/1-25-99.html
2. In New Jersey (over my winter break -- thanks, NJ): http://www.progressiverevelations.com/1-25-00.html
3. In New Jersey again: http://www.progressiverevelations.com/1-28-03.html


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