If Lizzo wrote an essay about how she was feeling, it would look like this...

As an English and journalism teacher for 20 years, I have been asked a lot of questions. One inquiry is what music I listen to and, subsequently, what I think of today's music. Clearly my opinion about music matters to a great number of people, and I don't want to let anyone down.

The other day, after hearing Lizzo's "Good As Hell," I began thinking about how this song would appear as an essay. So, I did what any English teacher would do: I wrote the lyrics as an essay.

For the actual video of this song, click here.

ESSAY QUESTION: How do you feel about yourself? How can your own experiences help others? Answer both questions in a short essay that includes self-reflection. Think about your own path in life so far before you begin to write.

Good As Hell
An Essay by Lizzo

When I feel pride in my hair and display it to others, I like to ensure that my nails look good as well. I ask others around me if they are feeling as good as I am and then proclaim confidently that I am feeling good as hell. I confirm a couple more times to make sure everyone understands.

The reality is, I’m tired of the drama. Others should move on with their own lives while I live mine, even if it’s just wearing a new swimsuit in the pool.

When I see people cry, I tell them that they should wipe their eyes and realize their true potential, however hard it may be. In other words, no one should settle for those who don’t love them. If there is no love in a relationship, just walk out the door and move on.

I can relay this advice because I am confident enough to do so. I’m feeling fine, I remind others; I’m feeling fine. I have the hair and the nails to prove it.

Life is short, so when my peers tell me they are stressed, I advise them to remove their shoes, take a deep breath and focus on what truly matters: oneself. There is no fight or long night worth losing sleep over. I should know because I’ve been through it, and I soon realized that my self-worth is higher than I thought and that I deserved more. In fact, I’m not even worried now. I hope others join me in taking care of themselves and moving on from those who are destructive.



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