changes the face of college education

When I first heard about and its claim that it allows students of all ages to finish their first year of college for free, I was expectedly skeptical.  However, after reading the information on the site, watching its videos and checking out its endorsements, I could clearly see that this program can save people thousands of dollars.

For those who are still trying to figure out their career options, the site offers a lot of career information as well as the platform for users to get information on certain careers once it becomes available.  The sign-up process only takes a minute, and from there potential students can learn about the many courses -- all free! -- that can be transferred to over a thousand colleges and universities, with an expanding list of many more.  I recommend watching the site's introductory video here:

There are no hidden fees, and students can work at their own pace to complete courses.  Since the site and its program are risk-free, it is definitely worth the time to check out the options and learn about a cheaper -- and in some ways, faster -- way to complete college education in many different fields.  Clearly the program will flourish even more with additional sign-ups, but the program is already growing with more and more professors and schools on board.  I recommend creating an account and becoming a member of this new wave of education.  No one should be denied the chance to earn a college education, and this site is bringing that reality one step closer to everyone.


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